8am-9:30 am | Grace And The Finished Work 1

The first of a two-semester examination of grace and discuss in depth the 95 things that happen to a Christian at salvation.

2 credits

9:30am-11:30am | Old Testament Survey (Lower Level Course)

A study Old Testament literature from Genesis through Song of Solomon emphasizing prominent events, such as creation, the fall of man, and the history of the covenant people and the prophets. It is presented in its geographical, cultural, literary, and historical contexts. Students obtain a growing proficiency in awareness of the content and value of the Old Testament.

3 credits

10am-11:30am | Church Planting (Upper Level Course)

The course covers the doctrinal foundation for establishing local, indigenous churches as the direct effect of mission work. It also reviews the technical aspects of world evangelism and missionary organizations involved in planting churches.

2 credits

11:30am-1:30pm | Community Outreach

An important part of your Christian walk is learning how to share the Good News of Christ’s salvation to a lost and dying world. During community outreach, you will be exposed to various areas of ministry including nursing home ministry, prison ministry, inner-city children’s ministry, and neighborhood evangelism. Don’t worry, this may seem scary at first, just come alongside and observe.

1 credit

1:30pm-3pm | Foundations (Lower Level Course)

A verse-by-verse examination of various books of the Bible taught via video by the late Carl H. Stevens Jr., founder of MBCS. Pastor Stevens provides an extraordinary, well-researched exposition of the text that gives students sound principles for life application.

2 credits

1:30pm-3pm | Introduction to Church Ministries (Upper Level Course)

This course introduces the practical ministry of the local church. It offers a doctrinally sound, practical, and wisdom-filled overview of church ministry through a look at various ministries in the church such as ushering, greeting, food bank, youth ministry, music ministry, church finances, etc. Students learn biblical premises for these ministries, practical and spiritual insight in developing them and serving in them, vision and understanding of the people they minister to, and divine wisdom that is applicable to any church ministry.

2 credits


If students are enrolled in one or more courses at Maryland Bible College of York, they are welcome to enroll in the Friday night class, free of charge. The Friday night class is held at Maryland Bible College & Seminary, the main campus, located in Baltimore, MD. This class is from 7:10pm – 9:00pm and is taught by Pastor Scibelli, the Missions Director of Greater Grace World Outreach, and founder of over 200 churches in Africa.

Course: Pauline Epistles

Course Description: The book of Romans, written by the apostle Paul is read, studied, and examined in its applicable and doctrinal settings.

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